Personal Safety

Kolkata is generally safe. You need to take extra care when crossing the road –Kolkata’s buses, taxis, cars and trams follow the rule – the bigger object has right of way – leaving pedestrians to be extra careful. Sometimes it is faster to walk on the road because the sidewalks are occupied by vendors, dogs, cows, garbage and people in general or they are left in disrepair. Baby strollers are not usable on sidewalks and are typically only used inside shopping malls.

Bandhs (strikes) happen occasionally and shops and offices shut. Flooding is a problem during the monsoon and rickshaws charge double to ferry passengers through the waterlogged streets. Strikes are more an inconvenience than a danger.

New Arrival’s Briefs are provided on Monday mornings at the RSO office which provide additional, more in depth information and should be attended as soon as possible after arrival. Please note that these are mandatory for all PCS and TDY personnel (over 14 days) and optional to EFMs.